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Esi Eshun is a qualified and registered homeopath practising in North and East London.


We all want to feel our best but even the fittest of us needs a boost from time to time. As an experienced homeopath, I'm used to seeing people choose homeopathy as a way to build their physical and emotional well being.

Often people come to see me because they want a safe and effective natural form of medicine for themselves or their children and choose homeopathy because it's seen as non-toxic, non-addictive and free from the chemicals and potentially harmful side effects of conventional medicines. Other people try it after or alongside more traditional forms of treatment and still others, come because they've used homeopathy successfully for years and wouldn't do without it.


As a holistic therapy, homeopathy aims to address you as an individual. When you come to see me, we work together to look not just at your obvious symptoms but at a diverse range of factors including the connections between your physical and emotional state of health, your medical history, your diet and lifestyle and any other concerns or stresses you might be experiencing. As a result, we get a rounded picture of you and your needs before prescribing a suitable remedy or set of remedies for you.

How can I help you?

As a registered member of the Society of Homeopaths, I work closely with my patients to provide the highest standards of care and support, in line with professional codes of conduct and ethics.


Clients come from all walks of life including business people, media professionals, artists, athletes, pregnant and nursing women, babies and children. 


Many of my clients come to me with long term conditions, requiring in depth one hour consultations - enabling them to talk freely about themselves, their condition and their medical history in a calm, supportive and confidential environment.


Many people report feeling noticeably better after one or two appointments. But with a chronic condition, chances are you'll need to return for longer term care, often on a monthly basis.  
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Discover what some of my  clients have said about me and my work.

Esi has had a very important impact on my life. The support she gave me continues to influence my physical, emotional and mental well being. Her extensive knowledge of her field includes a sound awareness of a range of other disciplines. This, combined with a sensitive and understanding style enabled me to effectively manage a range of significant challenges in my life.

DB– Headteacher

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